Greetings good person!

My philosophy of psychotherapy and coaching is that we all have the same ultimate motivations. We all want more joy and less suffering. More precisely, we all want safety, connection, and meaning.

My specialty is helping stable but anxious or dissatisfied adults move in that direction. Conversely, I do not provide emergency services or treat clinical-level concerns of any kind.


  • I provide psychotherapy and coaching strictly by Skype, FaceTime, or phone.
  • Convenience all around!


My credentials comprise my PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Buffalo in 2005 and my experience in each of the following contexts:

  • Private practice psychotherapy and coaching – mobile, but based in Madison, WI
  • Private practice psychotherapy – Pittsburgh, PA
  • Duquesne University Counseling Center – Pittsburgh, PA
  • University of Pittsburgh Counseling Center – Pittsburgh, PA
  • Jewish Family Services – Buffalo, NY
  • VA Hospital, Partial Hospital Program – Buffalo, NY
  • University of Buffalo Counseling Center – Buffalo, NY
  • Erie County Medical Center, Dept. of Neurology – Buffalo, NY
  • SUNY at Buffalo, Center for Anxiety Research – Buffalo, NY


I value diversity. If your concerns fit within the scope of my practice, and I have appointments available, then I would be pleased to work with you.